A letter that says reborn….your feedback please!

by matt on July 18, 2014



We recently celebrated a milestone anniversary this past February: One decade of being the official Coheed community and resource. So much has changed in 10 years, yet we have remained relatively the same. While we do treasure nostalgia, the time has come for us to reinvent and rebrand ourselves so we can continue to be a valuable strength of the Coheed fan base as we all move forward. We know and understand the way most people use forums; the internet has changed and we would like to refocus our efforts to better deliver appropriate content and information to the fan base.

Before we embark on this process, we would like your feedback on what you would like to see from us in the future. We are very open to all ideas and constructive comments. We also understand that not everyone has had an entirely positive experience while on our site or interacting with our users, and we want to ensure that we address your concerns without dwelling on the issues of the past here. (We will be leaving the past where it belongs!)

We’ve identified three main focus areas where we need your feedback:




We would love to hear your thoughts on each of the focus areas – what works and what doesn’t, what you’d like to see, what type of content you need, etc.

Again, please be constructive. We really appreciate your time and honest feedback, and we will take all of it into consideration in the coming months.

Please head here to join the discussion. 

Congratulations to new parents Claudio and Chondra!

by jess on June 13, 2014

photo 2

photo 1 (1)

Last Sunday, June 8th, Claudio and Chondra were proud to announce the birth of their first child, Atlas Hendrix Sanchez. If you haven’t already, come share your love and well wishes for this new family on our forum!


Man Your Battle Stations – Neverender IKSSE3 is coming!

by jess on May 12, 2014

neverender ikstourdates

Visit CoheedandCambria.com for tour dates, ticket info and more!

Come discuss the latest in the Neverender saga with your fellow Coheed fans!

When it rings, will you answer?

by jess on May 9, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 1.15.01 PM


Visit CoheedandCambria.com for a new countdown! Don’t forget to enter your number to receive a secret update before the timer expires.

Discuss this with your fellow Coheed fans!

Counting down…

by matt on May 9, 2014

What could this mean?

Countdown Timer

Speculate on our forum with other fans now. 


Translucid Issue #1 is here!

by jess on April 16, 2014


The latest tale from Evil Ink Comics has arrived! You can pick up Translucid Issue #1 at your local comic book shop, order online from Boom! Studios, or snag a digital download via ComiXology. Pick up your copy today and support Evil Ink!

Discuss Translucid with fellow fans in our Evil Ink Comics forum!

Evil Ink is coming to ECCC and C2E2 2014!

by jess on March 21, 2014



Evil Ink Comics was excited to announce that they will be attending Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con (March 28-30) and Chicago’s C2E2 (April 25-27). If you’re in the area, don’t miss a great chance to pick up some awesome comics and have fun with the Evil Ink crew! Connect with Evil Ink Comics on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for Claudio and Chondra’s signing times and panel announcements.

In Memoriam – Heather Tiffany

by jess on February 16, 2014


Today  we pay our respects to a longtime Coheed fan, Heather Tiffany. Heather came to Cobalt in 2006 and remained an active and brilliantly devoted friend within the widespread Coheed fanbase.  Through the years, she connected on a profound level with many constant members of the community and never faltered in her admirable and inspiring loyalty to the band and their universe.

On the night of Thursday, February 13, Heather met with a tragic accident that took her life. She will be dearly missed and remembered with love by the Coheed fandom that she was proud to call her family. Be at peace, Heather. <3

Celebrating a decade!

by matt on February 14, 2014

Today marks a very special anniversary for us here at Cobalt and Calcium. We came into existence an entire decade ago on February 14, 2004.

this heart is everlasting

In 10 years, we have seen and shared so much. We have loved and we have lost. 10 years made us friends and it made us family. We’ve watched each other and watched the band grow into the force they are today. We’ve had our ups and downs and moments that we won’t ever forget.

It’s easy to take what we have for granted, but for most of us it would be hard to imagine our lives without the bonds we have made here. In many ways, as the image above indicates, this heart, our heart is everlasting.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Thanks to our staff and the staff who came before them for working tirelessly to bring this universe alive for the fans. I appreciate you beyond words. Thanks to all of our loyal fans, supporters, users and everyone we come into contact with. You are all special, creative people that I am pleased to share this space with. Thanks to the band! You give us purpose and reason for existing.

I also want to look towards the future, we have some work to do here in various capacities to continue to build on our storied past. We also know the way people use forums and the Internet has changed and we are very open to hear what you want to see from us over this next year.

Please share your favorite memories of the last decade, and hopes for the future with us on our message board. 

New from Weerd Science: Red Light Juliet 2!

by jess on February 7, 2014


To follow up 2013′s Red Light Juliet EP, Josh Eppard has delivered some fresh Weerd Science tracks with Red Light Juliet Broadcast 2: Steady Straight Lights​/​Sudden Dark Turns. Check it out on Bandcamp and show your support for DIY music with a name-your-price digital download!

Discuss Red Light Juliet 2 with other Weerd Science fans in our community!